Recognizing Our 2020 Local Heroes

This year, as the Coronavirus hit our community and our nation, I launched a weekly video series featuring Marylanders in the 8th District who are acting creatively and bravely to help our community through the crisis. Since we began, we have recognized 40 outstanding and inspiring Marylanders as our local heroes in 2020 — check them out below.

Episode 1: Lisa Owen and Tina Hsu

Tina Hsu (left) and Lisa Owen (right)

Episode 2: Dr. Daniel Aukerman

Episode 3: Dhruv Pai and Matthew Casertano

Dhruv Pai (left) and Matthew Casertano (right)

Episode 4: Charles Tasco

Episode 5: Arjun Oberoi

Episode 6: Sonja Ogburn and Pia Morrison

Episode 7: Donna Damico

Episode 8: Uniqueca Thomas

Episode 9: Deanna Najera

Episode 10: Dr. Travis Gayles

Episode 11: Wesley Harlow Jr.

Episode 12: Feat. Tina Clarke and Honoring Odessa Shannon

Episode 13: Frank Gilliard III

Episode 14: Eliza Newlin Carney

Episode 15: Meagan Young and Tommy Davis

Episode 16: Beth Taylor

Episode 17: More Than Masks

Episode 18: Fire and Rescue Service Workers

Captain Ty DeMent (left) and Battalion Chief Mike Cole (right)

Episode 19: Jenifer Small

Episode 20: Mike Abramowitz

Episode 21: League of Women Voters & Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner

Left to Right (top): Carol Sepe, Diane Hibibo, County Executive Jan Gardner Left to Right (bottom): Kathy McGuire, Mary Beth Coker

Episode 22: Dorothy Stoltz

Episode 23: Leocadie Estelle Ganga

Episode 24: Andy Levy & Megan O’Brien

Andy Levy (left) and BCC Rescue Squad Volunteer Megan O’Brien (Picture Credit: Robin Fader)

Episode 25: Oneyda Hernandez and Camila Lavadenz

Camila Lavadenz (left) and Oneyda Hernandez (right)

Episode 26: Araceli Lara

Araceli Lara (left) of Jalapeno Mexican Grill and Jennifer Underwood (right) of Crossroads Community Food Network

Episode 27: Reemberto Rodriguez

Episode 28: Jacob Newman

Episode 29: Maria Herrera

Episode 30: David Gamse

Episode 31: Suzanna Banwell and Matt Regan

Matt Regan (left) and Suzanna Banwell (right)

Episode 32: Sean Riley

Sean Riley and Jadis, named after the White Witch from the Chronicles of Narnia book series.

Episode 33: Dr. Bob Koffman

Dr. Bob Koffman (left) and his Warrior Canine Connection Service Dog Ron (right)

Episode 34: Dr. Van Coots, Holy Cross Health

Episode 35: Ken Flemmer

Episode 36: Mona Ngem

Episode 37: Rockville Postmaster Gabe Hamilton

Episode 38: Olivia de Guzman

Episode 39: Greta Cuccia, RN, Suburban Hospital

Greta Cuccia, center left, holding the Lantern Award from the Emergency Nurses Association, August 2018, with staff from Suburban’s emergency and trauma departments.

Episode 40: Dr. Fiona Hill

2020 Local Hero of the Year: Maryland’s 8th District



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Rep. Jamie Raskin

Proudly representing MD’s 8th District. Member of Judiciary, Oversight, Rules and House Administration Committees.